Green Room Theatre (2016)

Digitally manipulated photos, C-printed on A3

This set of work was created from two portraits. This work was created for a play titled “Rivers Flowing Upstream”. I initially started with the scanning of prints and manipulating it with physical movement; and needless to say the resulting photos were very macabre, and unaesthetic. I was designing a poster to be put in elevators, so I needed something more aesthetic. This resulted in majority of the work in Photoshop, and I started out with an idea of making it like lapis cake. The work then resulted in this, after a lot of thinking, and this is the poster resulting from the play.

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Cross-processed E-6 film

this set of photographs was shot on E-6 Slide Film that is x-pro-ed. the double exposures were all done in the camera, and not much post processing was put into the shots. The play that this was for was called “In Tunnel & Shadow”, and the plot was set in a post-apocalyptic world. The characters of the play were stuck in a nuclear bunker and the plot carries on from that vein. These photos were conceptually to develop on the idea of scarcity, and the human need to capture memories visually.