a disclosure of the work thus far

this semester has been a busy one, and I’ve done 3 shorter projects.

the first project


This set of work was created from two portraits. This work was created for a play titled “Rivers Flowing Upstream”. I initially started with the scanning of prints and manipulating it with physical movement; and needless to say the resulting photos were very macabre, and unaesthetic. I was designing a poster to be put in elevators, so I needed something more aesthetic. This resulted in majority of the work in Photoshop, and I started out with an idea of making it like lapis cake. The work then resulted in this, after a lot of thinking, and this is the poster resulting from the play.

the second project

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this set of photographs was shot on E-6 Slide Film that is x-pro-ed. the double exposures were all done in the camera, and not much post processing was put into the shots. The play that this was for was called “In Tunnel & Shadow”, and the plot was set in a post-apocalyptic world. The characters of the play were stuck in a nuclear bunker and the plot carries on from that vein. These photos were conceptually to develop on the idea of scarcity, and the human need to capture memories visually. The photoshoot was particularly enjoyable for me, and I hope the cast had their equal share of fun :).

Cross-processed film is a very interesting form of thinking about light, and I would probably re-explore that in the future.

the third project


img_1338 img_1324


I photographed and designed this book of textures in a time when I felt the need to feel and reconnect with a sense that I do not use often enough.

The body of work created is a reflection of my mindscape through this period of time, as it attempts to explore the notion on how we feel things.

Do we feel textures, do we see textures, how does one appreciate texture, how does one feel?

Creating this work was very interesting, and I shot it on a single roll of 36 exposures. I chose Delta ISO 3200 film to create that form of grittiness that reminds me of Moriyama’s work. The work was printed in the darkroom on silver gelatin paper, and a total of 30 exposures were printed. The other 6 were not suitable for printing, thus were not printed. I’ve been lately thinking about the creation of a perfect roll of film; and this is one of the rolls of the film that is meant to work towards this roll of film.

This work was inspired by the multitude of feelings I felt in my semester in school, and much of it pointed towards my disconnection with feeling. This book was designed with the catalogs of paint, and textures that designers and home designers have. The photos were bound on the long end into a small booklet.

I exhibited this work at EPHEMERA (Substation) and ToBoCo (Yale-NUS), and the opinions I have gotten regarding this work has been interesting. I created this work so that the previous person would affect how the next person would experience it. I walked from Clementi to Botanic Gardens to Orchard then to City Hall to finish the entire roll of film. A lot of the work I do reminds me of the pilgrim’s progress, as I go for lengthened walks to do my shots.

This semester has been interesting, and I would appreciate any criticisms on my art process, if you have!

a summer of design

photography hasn’t taken a back seat. i’ve just been doing projects that take a longer time!

this is a summer of design.

the stuff that i’m showing are far, far away from the final products; but are the first good drafts, i’ve managed to produce.

the journey has been great, research methodology and design wise. doing an end-to-end project is not easy, while graphic designing you’re thinking of better ways to express the data.

the back-and-forth has been an interesting process for me, and for a single intern to be in charge of it, it certainly has been an interesting experience.

thank you to ernest, for helping me out with the different maps; this probably would not have been possible without your hard work that you put in the last 2-3 weeks.

thank you to kavya, for being in the office together with us, doing your own great things.

please do not reproduce any part of these graphics without asking for permission. (email me)

it’s been a great summer.

if you have any comments please do tell me, drop me a line on my email or something 🙂














all rights reserved, dave lim.

Peora, Nainital (India Part 2)

Finally getting around to this.

Perhaps I’ll say a few words about what I did here before the photos all appear.

Spending my winter break in India, I volunteered at a non-governmental organisation, Aarohi located in Peora. It’s a village town up in the mountains of Nainital, and the organisation there provides healthcare, schooling by funding through donations and their own ‘livelihood’ programme. I stayed in a homestay, with a local family. What impressed me the most is the perseverance of the community, the tenacity and joy of the people. In my time there, I took some photos of them, as part of of beefing up their future publications, newsletters (e.g. corporate material), and photos for their instagram account -> hopefully, if I have the chance to go back I would be able to devise a better plan for marketing and sales, or perhaps for some academic research on my own.

Nonetheless, the photos are a tribute to the place, and many stories find themselves deeply rooted in the photos; and perhaps, would be better explained by the captions.

Aarohi (17 of 221)

morning, off to school (for them), off to work (for me). this was a fog that greeted me every morning, on my hike up. my hike up was roughly half-an-hour long up, and twenty minutes down.

Aarohi (19 of 221)

cleaning in the morning

Aarohi (3 of 221)

classroom, just before class.

Aarohi (1 of 221)

a morning assembly of sorts, this was a special assembly, that I have yet to discover why.

Aarohi (56 of 221)

studying after school.

Aarohi (128 of 221)

three generations of women, the women of the homestay I was living in

Aarohi (71 of 221)

mother, firewood for the colder evenings.

Aarohi (74 of 221)

daughter, hot water, and heat. she usually prepares the meals after school.

Aarohi (78 of 221)

grandmother, sitting. she’s usually sitting beside a fire by time i get back (the temperature dips significantly)

Aarohi (214 of 221)

elder son, playing cricket. this is when i first learnt the basic rules of cricket. they were using a makeshift ball of sorts.

Aarohi (215 of 221)

younger son, studies and stays outside the household in the next municipality of Almoura. came back for the winter break.

Aarohi (25 of 221)

switching over back to Aarohi, golden bottles of Almond oil that they retail

Aarohi (26 of 221)

a lady at work, dripping liquid gold into bottles

Aarohi (48 of 221)

a similar view, sifting some almond powder (i think?)

Aarohi (142 of 221)

drying flowers, and talking.

Aarohi (144 of 221)

squaring the soap bar by hand

Aarohi (155 of 221)

a rest day for me, but a work day for the women.


a scene to catch on my rest day

Aarohi (125 of 221)

the father of the house brings me for fish shopping (for christmas and the new year), waiting for transport and watching a card game

Aarohi (186 of 221)

buying fish, i still have no idea where this fish comes from. perhaps Nainital?

Aarohi (110 of 221)

back to work, injections. this was to prepare these women for tubal ligation, temporary form of vasectomy encouraged by the government for family planning.

Aarohi (201 of 221)

hairline fracture of sorts.Aarohi (203 of 221)

xray machine. man had case of COPD, bronchitis I think.

Aarohi (113 of 221)

as the day passes, the kids have play time at the end of the day. this is a second grade class- the kids are much more playful.

Aarohi (123 of 221)

rushing home.

Aarohi (9 of 221)

the light falls

Aarohi (152 of 221)

it’s time to leave I guess.

famous people say things better than I do, so

“A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.”
― Jack London

“Behold I do not give lectures or a little charity, when I give I give myself.”
― Walt Whitman

Bawana, 2015 (India Part I)

Habitat (13 of 28) Habitat (1 of 28) Habitat (2 of 28) Habitat (4 of 28) Habitat (5 of 28) Habitat (6 of 28) Habitat (3 of 28) Habitat (7 of 28) Habitat (11 of 28) Habitat (10 of 28) Habitat (16 of 28) Habitat (17 of 28) Habitat (14 of 28) Habitat (21 of 28) Habitat (22 of 28) ContactSheet-001

this post that I finally got around to. Bawana, was the first part of my trip to India- with YNC Habitat for Humanity. It’s been a long time for me that I wanted to do some sort of social documentary work, and NGO work- and this was my first foray into it. For many members of the team, it was also our first foray into it- and perhaps, many parts of the trip we enjoyed, some we definitely we did not. Among the plethora of emotions that we faced individually, I think it was a great experience to introduce most of us to the realities of volunteering as an unskilled individual. If in any case, here are photos- that I think explore the community of Bawana, and our interaction with them.

I hope these photos serve as stories, and memories for the rest of the team. Also, on a technical note- i got around to scanning my film- and here are 16 shots, presented in contact sheets. This was a process I have been wanting to do for a long time and finally getting around to it feels great.

A Cinematic Review of CNY, 2016

CNY (2 of 19) CNY (5 of 19) CNY (17 of 19) CNY (6 of 19) CNY (7 of 19) CNY (19 of 19)


Re-imagined as a cinematic experience, a lot is said to Chinese New Year being as a performance. I hear this from my friends, which say they perpetuate perspectives of themselves to avoid questions. Kind of like having a dinner with a bunch of friends from a previous part of your life, but still acting that attitude that was a foregone self in order to attract less questions. My Chinese New Year is never like this. I’m close enough to my extended family to not need to perpetuate this viewpoint, but at times I feel the need to still fill in some kind of stock role as the educated miscreant. There’s this complexity to how I act around very familiar people- and maybe people want to just not think too much about a person that changes, but keep an image that is already in their mind. (aka- O, how flat our mind loves to think)

Well, here goes the story- and let’s view it as stills from a short film.