an obligation to be homesick (2017- ongoing)


an obligation to be homesick

(currently) photographs of varying sizes

The origin of this work was the craving of 豆浆 (soy milk), and a contemplative process of what it meant to be asked if I was homesick while abroad. This process led to the isolation of two elements, that of skin and soybeans. These two elements are intimate aspects of home, and create a sense of a place on their own.

an idealized version of my work, but i’m not sure how attached i am to it- this work is going to be reprised in some way (where the hell is this budget going to come from?)

i was asked if i missed home- and i had to really concentrate what i missed about home. i couldn’t find anything really other than 豆浆 and skin. at heart, this piece is a reflection i offer on the idea of how homesickness looks like to me- even when I am not homesick myself.

this work is created from that and is sparking off new ideas on how i view myself as an artist. i’ve committed myself to making art that’s consistently light and mischievous- and at the same time is a softness that continues to allow other people to take it seriously at. my opinion is that this world is too noisy, too harsh, and too unloving- and our art as much as it must be political: must continue to retain a sense of joy, fun and light-heartedness, perhaps part of my larger vein of my own understanding that everything is laughable at.

this work is going to be reprised, and i have an execution that i truly want to occur- and more shots; to really bring out the strength of the work. the work remains ongoing.

thanks to

melody tay for being a great friend

yanyun chen for being a great instructor for drawing process, that i consider to have opened processes for me to build my work upon.

fellow residents and advisors @ SVA Photography Residency (in particular, Liz- which helped to balance my attachment to my work)

豆浆 at Canal Street

someone’s skin i’m thinking of – but that I should learn to forget about.