can i bring the sunlight into my room? (2017)

can i bring the sunlight into my room?
Stop Motion

This work started from a simple provocation of bringing the light into my room, to reflect on the days that I spend in my room alone. The view that you see halfway through the animation is done through a camera obscura. This project was brought to fruition with the help of Hui Ran and Numhom, whose help and advice has been invaluable to the crafting of this work.


I did this for my class Drawing Process taught by Yan Yun. I’m eternally grateful for my classmates which have impacted the process of this work. I combined elements of photography and music which are familiar to me to unknown corners such as stop-motion, performance and synth to produce this piece. I have a couple more process photos, which are stuff like my storyboard and how I thought of this idea. I started with the theme of light and constantly tried to do something that pushed my technical/bodily limits.

I brought in the view with this, for the many people that are confused:

and I boarded up the windows. Every exposure was roughly 20 seconds long for the parts that were dark. There was some post editting, but not much because post editing will increase the grain in every frame.

This video took two takes, the first with Hui Ran; where the motion was sloppy and the view did not co-operate. I’m really thankful that Hui Ran came because she knows all the camera things so it was so smooth for a first run; so I could concentrate on my movement. My second take was with Nummy, who came slightly sick and under the weather. It was a great run throughout, and I was really focused and the weather co-operated.

The music had two takes- the first was birdman-esque inspired but was too noisy and stuff. I recorded it with a single mic. I swapped over to synths because I felt it was less jarring. I hammered it out in 3 hours and mastered it afterwards.

Anyway, here’s the storyboard, with complicated instructions:

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