On Feeling Textures (2016)

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Binded silver gelatin 4×5 photographic prints

I photographed and designed this book of textures in a time when I felt the need to feel and reconnect with a sense that I do not use often enough.The body of work created is a reflection of my mindscape through this period of time, as it attempts to explore the notion on how we feel things.

Do we feel textures, do we see textures, how does one appreciate texture, how does one feel?

Creating this work was very interesting, and I shot it on a single roll of 36 exposures. I chose Delta ISO 3200 film to create that form of grittiness that reminds me of Moriyama’s work. The work was printed in the darkroom on silver gelatin paper, and a total of 30 exposures were printed. The other 6 were not suitable for printing, thus were not printed. I’ve been lately thinking about the creation of a perfect roll of film; and this is one of the rolls of the film that is meant to work towards this roll of film.This work was inspired by the multitude of feelings I felt in my semester in school, and much of it pointed towards my disconnection with feeling. This book was designed with the catalogs of paint, and textures that designers and home designers have. The photos were bound on the long end into a small booklet.

I exhibited this work at EPHEMERA (Substation) and ToBoCo (Yale-NUS), and the opinions I have gotten regarding this work has been interesting. I created this work so that the previous person would affect how the next person would experience it. I walked from Clementi to Botanic Gardens to Orchard then to City Hall to finish the entire roll of film. A lot of the work I do reminds me of the pilgrim’s progress, as I go for lengthened walks to do my shots.