The Grass is Greener where I Sit (2017)

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Installation made from recycled industrial pallets and inkjet transfer prints

The Grass is Greener where I Sit is an exploration of our positionality as Yale-NUS Students. A juxtaposition within individual memories and the collective memories, what determines where we decide to fixate our memories?

The Grass is Greener where I Sit is an invitation to place-make, where exhibition go-ers can print their photos on the sculpture and installation. The piece is built with wood recycled from industrial palettes, and the colour prints are done through the transferring of prints from an inkjet printer. The panels are reused from So Who Are You? the web-series produced and directed by Dynn and Lesha. The photos are sourced from friends, and will be continually sourced from people that step into the exhibition. This work was made possible only by the help it received – Amir with the carpentry and guiding me through the process of refurbishing the wood, Kit and Elaine for helping out with the installation and sourcing of various materials.